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"Shannon is a real cool person. He ain't in it for the money. He cares about his riders. He has helped me out in so many ways like corners, jumps, etc."  -- Ryan Dungey   

"Shannon is cool. He has helped me in all aspects of riding/racing. My mom credits him with my riding style."  -- Trey Canard   

"I am living proof that Shannon Nidays techniques work.  They have helped me huge! Smoother, Safer, and simply FASTER! Thanks Shannon"  -- Phillip Nicoletti  
"Shannon has always been like a second father to me.  Without him I would not be where I am today.  I will never forget everything he has done for me.  I am the person I am to day because of him. -- Jimmy Albertson  
Dear Shannon, after attending your camp, I returned to racing my cross country circuit, and today I got and held the holeshot for the first mile and proceeded to using 99% of what I was taught to continue to power through the race. I had some problems but after it was all over, I wasn't even worn out. I just wanted to say thanks and I'll see you again in the spring on the old 2 stroke! -- Edwin Webster
Dear Sheila  & Shannon

Brad and I had a great time at the camp in March.  Brad learned alot and had fun.  I must tell you a quick story.  The Sunday following the camp, Brad went to a race in Kansas.  He was last off the gate (no surprise he really needs work here) but within 50 yards after the first corner he was in second and by the end of the first lap he was in first.  He ended up winiing both motos in the begginer class an dgot 7th in the open class.  I told his brother after watching the horribly start that it would be OK-- Brad will catch them and beat them in the corners becasue of Shannon's school and he had 5 laps to do it.  After the the first moto I asked Brad why he passed everyone but one in the first 50 yards after the first corner and he stated: "Mr. Niday told us that the first lap was a panic lap if you did not get to the front in the first lap it would be very difficult to do it in later laps.  I did not want to get screwed I wanted to win." 
Thanks for your help, we will be back.
Chuck Hess
Hi Shannon & Sheila,

Better late than never.  We wanted to let you know how much Justin enjoyed and learned during the camp. He raced his first motocross race the following weekend
and got third place out of 18 racers.  He was very excited and contributed his finishing well to what he learned from Shannon. We have a new circle in our front yard for him to practice his circle drills and he has gone down to Dawn and Cory's to practice on
their track.

Thanks again hope to see ya soon,

Joann and Justin Blocker 
Dear Shannon,

I just wanted to take the time to write you and thank you for working with my son Jake. He decribed you as a "awesome guy" and decribed your private lesson as "Life changing". He is a good rider and not easily impressed by schools. But he was very impressed by your instruction and you as a person. He wanted to talk for an hour when he got home about your class and about you. I'm not sure how to thank you for all the extra stuff that you told him you would do, except just to tell you that our family appreciates what you are doing for Jake, and we will get the word out about you and your schools and private lessons, and send people your way.

Again, thank you,

Cindi Leatherwood

Hi Shannon,

First off I would like to say thank you, your MX classes are great for kids wanting to learn the right way to ride. I am not sure who you were more help for, me in being able to teach my son, or my son. Either way, you have him so stoked, that when it is dark he is still going out there and working on the drills you taught in your school. The one thing I will remember next time I head to Plainview is to take at least a beer or two.

I would like to go ahead and enroll Logan in your class in September or any class near New Mexico 3 to 4 months down the road.

Thank you,

Mark Hoskins

Hi Shannon,

My name is kim and i am #58 "son's" (jamison) Farris's mom..he was in one of your classes in march with two other little guys, bret welch & bradley watson.. i just want to say that jamison has always been a good little rider but since your class i am amazed at the differance its made..our first race after your class was at the ponca city qualifiers @ cooperland.  first 65 moto he pulled the holeshot and was cked out it was awesome, next weekend wellston, not quite the start as cooperland but it wasnt but 1/2 lap and he was out front and looking really good.. and i have to give the credit to your class.. again thank you..& we would recommend you school to anyone...

Kim Inman

I wanted to thank you for all of your help with my questions about the class.  I had a great time and I learned a lot.  I feel like I finally have a "road map" for how I can get better.  Prior to the class, I felt like I was in "hunt and peck" mode.   Please tell Shannon thank you for me.  I know that having a 38 year old beginner in the class probably made things a little trickier to manage (i.e., sort of the square peg in a round hole dilemma).   I will be looking for another opportunity to participate in the future.
Thank you,
David Riddle


Tell Shannon THANK YOU for a great job this weekend. Not only did Trevor (#499) get a lot out of it, Anne and I got a lot of good training information to work with him on everyday.
Thanks again and we'll see you guys again in the near future.
Roy & Anne.
Hi Guys,

I just wanted to drop a quick note and say Thank You for a great weekend! Dylan was so energetic on the way home about all that he had learned and is ready to apply daily! We know his return from injury was started the right way by what he was taught by Shannon.

Sheila, Thanks for the pep talk on taking the class and thanks for sharing you wonderful husband with us for the weekend.

We'll be back after he gets comfortable again and is ready to soak in some more!!

Thanks Again,
Erick, Jen and Dylan Wilson
Shannon & Sheila,

Thank you so much for allowing Jake to come train with you guys last week. He had an awesome time! We raced at Swan on Saturday night and Sunday. I was amazed at how much better he looked on the track. His cornering was 100% better. He ended up placing 6th overall out of 24 in the Super Mini. Not only were we very proud of him, he was proud of himself!

I hope I can send him to you again in the future. We will also be attending you camp at Freestone in June. Thanks again for everything!

Cindy Bruce
Sheila and Shannon ,

Hogan and I love this sport so much! The first day of camp far exceeded my expectations! You kept it simple and we are so thankful that we met you two! We look forward to working with you next weekend when it is warmer. We want to be in every camp you have when it is local!!!

Thank You,

Michael Molthan

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