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Winning With Shannon Niday

The Shannon Niday motocross school class structure has been developing and improving since the school was started in 1997.  

Shannon has designed a step by step process which enables the student to understand and apply the correct motocross racing techniques into their individual riding style.   

By learning, feeling and doing, students leave knowing how and what to practice in order to continue improving.  Afterwards, when a student feels they are reaching another plateau in their ability, they can return for another lesson of what it will take to keep improving and winning at the next level.

Daily Group Class Structure At The School

Meeting to talk about what the days class will entail.
    Riders will ride the track for about 10 minutes to warm up.
    Regroup for a meeting again.  Then line up the bikes so the students can follow Shannon through the techniques in a stationery position that have been broken down into five different segments.  This is the first step in learning the proper techniques.  You will be surprised at how many techniques you can feel out in this stationary position drill.
    Start the engine and begin the hands on training in the riding drills.  This is where we separate each technique and practice it a in drill.  Shannon will demonstrate the technique and then watch the students do them.  This is done so he can critique students on what they are doing and how they need to change in order to improve.  As we move through the drills, we will take some time to ride the track again to see if the students can use what they are learning.  Depending on how they are doing we may return to the stationary drills.

Using What You Are Learning

Please keep in mind that the school is not a race.  Most of the time, a student needs to slow down in order to learn how to ride faster.  These new ways of riding may not feel comfortable at first because you are used to doing things the wrong way.  This wrong way is why you have reached your current racing plateau.

Be smart and take advantage of the school! Really commit to learning how to make these correct techniques your natural riding style.  If you use everything you'll learn in the school to the best of your ability, you will also feel confident that you'll be improving the fastest way possible.

More Class/Camp Info

Two day group classes are six hours long from 10 AM to 4 PM. The track is open afterwards for practice to work on what you have just been taught.  Group classes are divided into groups and each group is given as much individual attention as possible.

Camps are 3 days long  starting at 8 AM and go until 4 PM.  The day starts with some physical training and nutritional advice with Sheila.  Shannon starts with the students at 10 AM.  Make sure to bring comfortable work out clothes and shoes that you can exercise in.

Private and semi private classes are four hours long.  These classes can be scheduled by calling(913) 226-5378 or emailing Shannon and making an appointment.
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